About Gurukul - Arsh Jyoti
(1) To imbue students with moderns education and ancient tradition and culture.
(2) To organize marshal art, Yoga, and teaching Sanskrit
(3) To organize program for physical, mental development and create feeling of nationalism.
(4) To educate for leading a disciplined life.
(5) To inculcate Vedic knowledge in children.
(6) To make children self reliant.
(7) To produce ideal teachers and able citizen.
(8) To disseminate Indian culture among uneducated people living in forest area and to publish and distribute sacred books and literatures.

Salient features of Gurukul
(1) Food, clothes and other necessities of life are provided without any discrimination to Bramhacharies.
(2) By doing sandhya, Hawan, Yoga and meditation daily in the morning and evening, a pious environment is created in the Ashram.
(3) Govt recognized Sanskrit school for standard 6th to 12th.
(4) Facility for computer education.
(5) Education accompanied by physical labour, Hawan, Yoga. So that students do not become book worm.
(6) Simple living with vegetarian food without spices.

PO. Pachera
Dist. Maha Samund
Chhattisgarh, India